Who’s your customer? The Generators vs. the Regulators

In an earlier blog post, “Local Governments Must be Top Priority for Solid Waste Companies“, I argued that most solid waste and recycling companies fail to prioritize local government relations, in spite of local government’s role in defining those companies’ success or failure. Why is this the case? The waste industry is populated with very smart people who know their … Read More

Local Government Must be Top Priority for Solid Waste Companies

Solid waste and recycling businesses are, for better or worse, connected at the hip with cities, counties and special districts. Every step of the waste stream from hauling, to disposal, to processing, to landfills, is typically defined by local ordinance. In business terms, each local government defines nearly every aspect of the solid waste and recycling market within its boundaries. … Read More

Big Differences in Solid Waste Policies Reflect Red/Blue Divide

When we monitor local government meetings for clients we track which meetings did and which meetings did not contain a solid waste and recycling topic for discussion or action. Then we organize those results into categories to spot trends and analyze patterns. Something we’ve noticed, and were able to confirm after the Waste Alert 2017 Q2 report, is the national … Read More

Spring Cleanups: Reputation Management Opportunity

Spring Cleanups are Reputation Management Opportunities. Many cities engage in spring cleanups to help beautify public spaces after the long winter. As we prepare our Quarter 2 report of local government activity (What’s that?  Click here to download the 2017 – Quarter 1 report), we’ve noticed that many city councils are addressing cleanups. In some cases, local haulers or other … Read More

We Track Waste Franchises

We track waste franchises and send a report directly to your inbox. Franchises are a common, perhaps increasingly common, regulatory system for solid waste and recycling collection. Cities and counties with a franchised collection system will enter into a contract with a private company for collection services in a portion or all of the municipality, for a specified period of … Read More

Cities and Counties Address More Solid Waste Issues; Pot on the Rise

We are data nerds and enjoy reading reports on local government, so we conducted the first Waste Alert Report in 2016. It was a crazy pursuit, but it led to interesting analysis and validation of just how significantly local government activity impacts the solid waste and recycling industry. To our knowledge, the 2016 Waste Alert Report was the first comprehensive … Read More

On the scene before the reporters

In the solid waste and recycling industry, timing is critical. This is especially true when reacting to opportunities or threats presented by city or county action. The industry is seeing tremendous upheaval as local governments react to rising citizen interest in recycling and waste. Some industry leaders rely on word of mouth or media reports to stay abreast of city … Read More