We Track Waste Franchises

We track waste franchises and send a report directly to your inbox.

Franchises are a common, perhaps increasingly common, regulatory system for solid waste and recycling collection. Cities and counties with a franchised collection system will enter into a contract with a private company for collection services in a portion or all of the municipality, for a specified period of time.

Municipalities like franchises because it allows them to exercise more control over collection, rates, recycling requirements, and routes. Waste companies operating under a franchise agreement enjoy the benefits of exclusivity, but also run the risk of losing the franchise contract, and thus access to the market. The last thing a franchised waste company can afford is a problem with its municipal partner.

Which brings us to the question, how do waste companies track waste franchises? One way is with Waste Alert, a local government monitoring service custom-tailored to the waste and recycling industries.

At Waste Alert, we monitor the cities or counties of interest to our clients, and tell our clients when those municipalities are talking about waste or recycling. That information allows waste companies to keep tabs on one or a thousand municipalities they care about, all via a weekly email report. Check out our website for a sample all-inclusive report here: http://www.wastealert.com/reports/.

To learn more about how Waste Alert can help you track waste franchises, contact us at jeff@wastealert.com or (541)848-7144.

Jeff Eager is the founder and CEO of Waste Alert. He is a practicing attorney specializing in solid waste franchise issues for private waste companies, and is the former mayor of Bend, Oregon.

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