Spring Cleanups: Reputation Management Opportunity

Spring Cleanups are Reputation Management Opportunities.

Many cities engage in spring cleanups to help beautify public spaces after the long winter. As we prepare our Quarter 2 report of local government activity (What’s that?  Click here to download the 2017 – Quarter 1 report), we’ve noticed that many city councils are addressing cleanups.

In some cases, local haulers or other waste businesses are involved in the cleanups and recognized at the Council meetings. It’s fairly obvious why haulers would volunteer equipment and labor to help with these efforts – in addition to just being a good thing to do, it makes them look good to their franchise partners in City Hall and to their customers.

In some cases, the haulers themselves address the Council to let them know what they’re doing. In other cases, the city proactively recognizes the hauler. Either way, it’s good civic engagement demonstrated to a critical audience.

I’d bet, though, that there are plenty of haulers who volunteer for spring cleanups and other events and get no recognition at a City Council meeting. More importantly, there are many cities who hold spring cleanups but don’t yet have an industry partner for the event.

One way waste businesses can keep tabs on whether they’re getting the recognition they deserve, and to be aware of opportunities to burnish their images is Waste Alert’s local government monitoring service. Our subscribers know when city councils in their areas are talking about spring cleanups, and anything else related to solid waste or recycling.

Curious? Request a free report on cities in your area. Email me or check out our website www.wastealert.com.

Jeff Eager is the founder and CEO of Waste Alert. He is a practicing attorney specializing in solid waste franchise issues for private waste companies, and is the former mayor of Bend, Oregon.

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